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Living, Learning & Leading Blog

Welcome to the 321 eLearning Blog! We will be sharing our experiences with Living, Learning, and Leading within the Down syndrome, special needs and disability communities. If you would like an opportunity to be a guest blog on our page, please contact us!



We will share our own stories of raising children and supporting adults who have special needs. This could include participation in accessibility sports like the YMCA and Special Olympics or possibly how to best assimilate to your local church. Parenting individuals is not always easy, especially on marriages and siblings and we will share some strategies to help you overcome the hurdles. And most importantly, we’ll share with you the immense joy that our children and loved ones bring to our lives.



As educators, we want to share stories of inclusion, interventions and accommodations as we shepherd our young children through elementary school. Then as they become older students we want to be able to tell stories about building self-determination for a transition to adulthood. And finally we want to shout from the mountain tops all of the positive educational opportunities that are blossoming for life after high school.



As our children grow, we grow as parents and advocates. Many of us would not have guessed the paths that our lives would take us to become leaders in our local or national Down syndrome and special needs communities. Some of our blogs will discuss strategies for leading non-profits and building local and state level advocacy.


Thank you for being a part of the 321 eLearning Network

Together, we are living, learning and leading so that all of our loved ones will have a brighter tomorrow.

~ Jennifer


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