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Are you looking for volunteers?

YES! We need volunteers to become peer reviewers and other possible duties in February and March. Please contact .

Can you run a power point on your computer screen and talk, and people see the power point and hear you talk?

Yes, you will be able to run a PPT and have the session see when you change screens. You can actually show anything on your screen that you’d like to show! They will hear you talk either through their speakers or through their phone line. And if you’d like, we’ll be able to see you through a webcam (but not required.)

How do you present? Is it web-based using a web cam live?

We will be using GoToTraining as our platform for this year. Attendees will see a screen share from the presenter in a web-platform. They can use their mic/speakers OR a phone for the audio portion. The presenter will share their screen to present to the group. The presenter will have option to use their webcam. The presenter can use their mic/speaker or phone for audio.

How many sessions can we go to each day?

There are 7 hours of sessions on each day with 3 sessions available in each hour slot for a total of 21 sessions per day. You’ll be able to reserve a seat in one session per hour, but can pop into other sessions if they aren’t full.

When is the call for Presentations?

The call for presentations opened November 15th and will close on January 3. Accepted presenters will be notified on January 30th.

When is the conference?

March 21, 22 & 23Sessions run from 10 am ET to 5 pm ET.

Where is the conference?

The conference is a VIRTUAL eConference! You will be participating via GoToTraining from your own home using an internet connection. If you have slow internet access, you can listen to the presentation through a telephone conference line. We will have opportunities for you to check you technology settings before the conference begins and we will have technology support & videos to help you engage fully in the eConference.

Where is the event being held?

The 321 eConference Event is being held wherever you want to attend! It is delivered as webinars through the Internet. You can watch & listen at work, at home, with a local affiliate, with your best friends, or in your school. You can participate on yourown, with your spouse and family, or with your community.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Almost every session presenter has agreed to have their presentation recorded and these recordings will be available in our DIGITAL LIBRARY for 30 days. You will get access to the day’s presentations that you have registered for. Register for all three days for FULL ACCESS to ALL RECORDINGS!

Will there be any accommodations for hearing impaired?

We are currently investigating the options for closed-caption. We are looking for individuals who would be willing to be transcribers in sessions where participants have self-identified that they need this accommodation.

Will there be any bilingual sessions?

We are currently working on having sessions on Saturday, March 22nd presented in Spanish.

Will we have a rehearsal for those of us that might be presenters and are not tech savvy ??

Great question Maria! Yes, we will. This is why we asked about the previous experience with webinars. We’ll do several different types of “trainings” in March. We’ll do them in groups by experience so that those with more experience can quickly hear about how GoToTraining works and how our conference will work. Then we will have a more in-depth session for those who may have never done it before. We will also offer 1:1 sessions with one of Lakeside Learning’s learning specialists if that would make a presenter feel more comfortable.