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Mature Matters
From the Beginning: Testing, Diagnosis and Early Childhood
Work For All

Tuesday Tracks
Medical & Research Updates
The Growing Years

Wednesday Tracks
Born This Way
Interventions & Accommodations
Life After High School
Spanish Sessions

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Monday, March 21 10 AM ET
Sexuality Matters

Jennie Hilleren
Certified Sex Therapist

The 10 Steps to Assimilate a Family with a Special Needs Member into Your Ministry

Jim Markle, D.D.

Work ...Not If but When

Marianne Marts
Joey’s Ups with Downs aka Advocate Arena

Monday March 21 11 AM ET
Improving Care Options Through Community Collaboration

Molly Nocon
Noah Homes

Knowing the Red Flags of Vision and Learning

Maria Dellapina
Specs4Us Room Sponsor

The Arc of Indiana Training Hotel Vision to Reality

Jeff Huffman The Arc of Indiana, Erskine Green Training Institute, Huffman Consulting Huffman Disability and Healthcare Consulting
Megan Stevenson Erskine Green Training Institut

Monday March 21 12 PM ET
Lessons Learned from Immersion Programming for Adults with Down Syndrome

Jenna Aidkoff
LiveUp Programs

Work 4 All

Jennifer Smolka, PhD
321 eLearning

Monday March 21 1:00 PM ET
KEYNOTE: Accessibility in the Work Place

Debra Ruh, Ruh Global
Neil Milliken, Atos

Monday March 21 2:00 PM ET
Aging and Developmental Disabilities

This session has been moved to 5 pm Eastern.
See the new time slot to reserve your seat.

Siblings: Love, Family, and Special Needs

Emily Jones
The Knowledge Project

Wake Up and Dream

Diane Grover
Dreamers Merchants Coffee

Monday March 21 3:00 PM ET
Your Journey Through an Eight Step Planning Program

Mary Ann Ehlert
Protected Tomorrows Inc.

New Parent Resources and Support - DSDN

Jen Jacob & Jenny DiBenedetto
Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network

Spotlight on Businesses with an Owner or Partner with Down Syndrome

Moderated by
Stephanie Holland
321 eLearning

Monday March 21 4:00 PM ET
Boundary Fluidity: The Slippery Slope Between Sexual Health & Sexual Violence

Beverly Frantz
Institute on Disabilities at Temple University

From Overwhelm to Parenting with Pleasure

Shane Kuhlman
Your Beautiful Child, LLC

Valued, Able & Ready to Work: Employing Individuals with Down Syndrome

David Egan, David Egan Advocacy
Vanessa Quick, NDSS

Monday March 21 5:00 PM ET
Aging and Developmental Disabilities

Zaccheus Ahonle
Texas Center for Disability Studies  University of Texas Austin
(This session was originally 2 PM ET.)

Tuesday March 22 10:00 AM ET
Creating Pathways to Justice for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in the Criminal Justice System

Leigh Ann Davis
The Arc’s National Center on Criminal Justice and Disability

Seizing the Momentum in Cognition and Alzheimer’s Disease Research in Down Syndrome

Michael Harpold
LuMind Research Down Syndrome

Fitness for All

Jared Ciner & Steve Allen
Spirit Club

Tuesday March 22 11:00 AM ET
Telling Your Story Through NDSS Advocacy Programs

Jawanda Mast
National Down Syndrome Society

Changes to Chromosomal Stability across the Lifespan in People with Down Syndrome

Kelly Rafferty
Virginia Commonwealth University

Learning to Ride on Two Wheels!

Susie Marks, Lori Hodgin, Dona Ochsner
Strider Sports International, Inc.

Tuesday March 22 12:00 PM ET
Could My Child Have Mosaicism for Trisomy 21?

Colleen Jackson-Cook, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University

Advocating for Your Child: Simple & Effective Ways to Make it S.M.A.R.T.

Ingrid Muschta
Down Syndrome Association of Hamilton (Ontario, Canada)

Tuesday March 22 1:00 PM ET
KEYNOTE: Alzheimer Disease: Before or After the Diagnosis

Dr. Brian Chicoine
Adult Down Syndrome Clinic

Tuesday March 22 2:00 PM ET
Identifying Risk Factors for Variation in Cognitive Function in Individuals with Down Syndrome

Stephanie Sherman, PhD
Emory University School of Medicine

Reading Made Easy

Natalie Hale
Special Reads for Special Needs

Tuesday March 22 3:00 PM ET

Stephanie Holland
The Road We’ve Shared

Health Supervision Guidelines

Stephanie Santoro, MD
Nationwide Children’s Hospital

The Benefits of Playing Minecraft on the Autcraft Server for Players with Unique Needs

Lyn Goodnight, ABD
Doctoral Student – Walden University

Tuesday March 22 4:00 PM ET
Ethan Saylor Alliance for Self-Advocates as Educators: A Model for All States

Heather Sachs & Patti Saylor
National Down Syndrome Society

Research: Why Does it Matter to Your Families?

Dr. Melissa Parissi & Dr. Sujata Bardhan
Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute   of Child Health and Human Development/NIH

Advocate: All Your Questions Answered

Emily Jones
The Knowledge Project

Wednesday, March 23 10:00 AM ET
The Performing Arts as a Means to Increased Socialization, Self-Confidence, and Employment Opportunities

John Paizis
Performing Arts Studio West

Why 'Sensory' Matters in the Down syndrome Population

Monica Purdy
Talk Tools

Ruby's Rainbow: College and Beyond

Liz Plachta
Ruby’s Rainbow

Wednesday, March 23 11:00 AM ET
AAC: Facilitating a Voice for All

Kati Skulski
Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area

Navigating New Waters: Inclusive Postsecondary Education

Susanna Miller-Raines
Center for Leadership in Disability

Wednesday, March 23 12:00 PM ET
Employment First, Employment for All

Joseph Nacairo
Integrated Resources Institute

e-Reader Benefits for Children with Learning Disabilities

Tabitha Wright, ABD
Walden University

How I Got into College and How it's Going

Devon Adelman
Raising Expectations

Wednesday, March 23 1:00 PM ET
Incorporating Motor Skills into Social Skills

Kristen Cummings-Prater & Tacara Lovings
Leaps n Boundz

Natural Environment Teaching: Using Applied Behavior Analysis in your "Real Life

Lauren Kryzak
Above and Beyond Learning Group


Jennifer Katz, Self-Advocate
Albemarle County Public Schools

Wednesday, March 23 2:00 PM ET
More Than A Bike Ride

Lisa Ruby
iCan Ride

Phonics vs Sight Words: Dos, Don'ts and Strategies for Success

Deepa Garwa
Two Minute Parenting, India

Programming for Young Adults

Michael Thomas
My Possibilities

Wednesday, March 23 3:00 PM ET
Finding Local Support

Deanna Tharpe, DSAIA
Deborah Tomai, RGVDSA

The Use of RTI to Identify Students with Learning Disabilities: Is It Really Reliable?

Jennifer Katz
Albemarle County Public Schools

ABLE Act - Q&A

Ryan Platt, MBA, ChFC, ChSNC
Chartered Special Needs Consultant

Wednesday, March 23 4:00 PM ET
Overview of the New Regulations Governing Home and Community Based Services

Christine M. Grosso, MS
David Machledt, Ph.D.
National Health Law Program

Assistive Technology: What Is It and How Do I Use It?

Emily Jones
The Knowledge Project

Enriching the College Community through DRIVE

Pat Pulver
Chair, Division of Educational Studies